Alter-Egoist (2017)



01. Cube (03:59)
02. 134340 (05:05)
03. -2000°c (06:36)
04. Pandora (03:17)
05. Crimson Soda (07:19)
06. Golden Gate Switch (05:40)
07. Endless Precious Bad Beat (05:44)
08. G.E.D.F. (n.t.g.) (09:34)
09. oo0oo (05:24)
10. Jam S. Pendelton (13:06)

Released by: Double Life Records
Catalogue number: DLCA-0006
Release date: 2 November 2017

Front cover artwork designed by La Mano Fria

“Alter-Egoist” is a bold and adventurous album by antennasia, electronica/dub/bass music group from Japan. The gigantic “moray-eel in the universe” appeared on the cover art (designed by La Mano Fria - a key person of vaporwave) should catch your eyes first.
Unlike their former albums, vocalist “san” has composed, arranged and programmed most songs. Each track reflects her imagination which is free, wild and borders on sacred spirituality. In these works there exists contrasting elements such as chaos/cosmos, stillness/motion, light/darkness, experimental/pop with sprinkled sounds - layered vocals, electric noises, fragments of various languages or folk instruments in the album.
You will not be disappointed if you are a long-time antennasia fan. But this time, you’ll find it more close to the bass music. The album includes a dub symphony “Crimson Soda”, playful “134340″ about the demotion of Pluto from “planet” status, a serene ambient “Pandora”, an industrial electronic track “-2000 Degrees Centigrade”, a theatrical suite “Jam S. Pendelton”, reconstructed broken-step “Golden Gate Switch”, “oo0oo” that floats between orderliness and confusion, “Endless Precious Bad Beat” ambient trip with a nervously twisted beat, “Cube” a new style of antennasian dub, “G.E.D.F. (n.t.g.)” an updated version of the title track of the EP released from Mezé Music in Detroit. “Alter-Egoist” is a new chapter of antennasia. Have a trip to a micro cosmos led by a galaxy moray-eel.

Alter-Egoist is available digitally on
iTunes、Apple Music、OTOTOY、Deezer、Spotify、CD Baby etc.

Alter-Egoist is available physically on
disk union
Tower Records
Kaneiri Museum Shop 6

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