dragonfly & remixes (2014)


1. G.E.D.F
2. Ms.Zirkus
3. Spiral Sequence
4. G.E.D.F (instrumental)
5. Ms.Zirkus (instrumental)
6. Spiral Sequence (instrumental)

Released by: Meze
Release/catalogue number: Meze10
Release date: 29 September 2014

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Japanese trip hop duo Antennasia make their Meze label debut on the imprint’s 10th release. The complex, haunting presence of Nerve’s production is present on all three of the EP’s tracks. The secret to Anntenasia’s continued success is the potent combination of Nerve’s production style in concert with San’s enchanting vocal styles, which is perfectly exhibited on “G.E.D.F.” “Ms. Zirkus” is a broken beat symphony of vocal work and uptempo grooves that meld into the equivalent of an auditory dream. “Spiral Sequence” is a track that could find itself comfortably on the soundtrack to an old foreign film, light and flighty, both in production and vocals, yet grounded in realistic clarity.

< Mezé Music >
Detroit/Chicago Based Creative Outlet of DJ 3000/ID Specializing in Hip Hop, Electronica, and Left Field.
Started in 2013, Meze Music is a collaboration started by DJ 3000 and ID as an outlet for hip hop, electronica and left field releases.
DJ 3000 is the founder of Motech Records and has been a DJ and Producer for over a decade. He is based full time in Detroit, MI.
ID is a Chicago based DJ and Producer has served as the written identity of Motech Records label for the last 10 years.

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“Dragonfly Remixes” EP

1. antennasia - Ms. Zirkus (Brahj Remix)
2. antennasia - G.E.D.F (Deviant Remix)
3. antennasia - Ms. Zirkus (Limbo Remix)
4. antennasia - (Deroboter Remix)


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Meze’s 12th release features four remixes from four producers, some new to Meze, and others with firmly attached ties to the label. Three tracks from antennasia’s EP (Meze 10) ‘GEDF’, Mr.Zirkus and Spiral Sequence are reworked with careful detail.
Brahj presents a treatment of ‘Mr. Zirkus’ flipping it into a funky dance floor friendly groove which loops San’s vocals, adding an element of underlying attitude that was not present on the original.
Meze (and Motech) veteran Deviant delivers a haunting mix of ‘GEDF’ that retains the original dream-like quality of the original, yet, takes the composition in a whole other direction.
Limbo smoothes out ‘Mr. Zirkus’ into a sultry, rhythmic experience featuring San’s original lyrics treated to sound like they are floating in via radio waves from another era.
Deroboter, a Chicago/Miami based DJ/Producer, re-creates ‘Spiral Sequence’ into a beat driven collage, all the while retaining the soul and feel of the original composition.

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