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Yasushi Takemura - Steve Reich Guitar Works

11月 13th, 2014 | Category: news

Nerve mixed Yasushi Takemura’s album “Steve Reich Guitar Works”.

Yasushi Takemura - Steve Reich Guitar Works (mrcd-001)
Release date : CD - Nov 26, 2014, Digital - Dec 10, 2014

01. Music for Pieces of Wood
02. Nagoya Guitars
03. Electric Counterpoint : I. Fast
04. Electric Counterpoint : II. Slow
05. Electric Counterpoint : III. Fast

For further infomation visit;

CD [miru records] >>
iTunes [miru records / MEGADOLLY] >>


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antennasia’s new track played on Ryuichi Sakamoto’s “Radio Sakamoto”

7月 08th, 2014 | Category: news

antennasia’s new song “(Call Me) Ms. Zirkus” played on Ryuichi Sakamoto’s program “Radio Sakamoto”(J-Wave) on 6 July.
Check out antennasia’s new stuff at the RS website.
RADIO SAKAMOTO Audition Nominees#55

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antennasia Live video at SARAVAH Tokyo (Feb. 22, 2014) - digest

4月 27th, 2014 | Category: news

antennasia Live at SARAVAH Tokyo (Feb. 22, 2014) - digest

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Live video - antennasia + Takashi Mori “Invisible Butterflies” Live at SARAVAH Tokyo (Feb. 22, 2014)

3月 02nd, 2014 | Category: news

antennasia feat. Takashi Mori - Invisible Butterflies Live at SARAVAH Tokyo (Feb. 22, 2014)

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rebuild#09 -Christmas Wine Party- Dec. 21, 2013(sat)

12月 15th, 2013 | Category: news


data:Dec. 21, 2013(SAT)

open:20:00〜 start:21:00〜26:00
door:2,500yen / 1wine free : uncured ham (from Spain)

venue:Gallery Cafe-an(ex.Calme)
address:374-55 Takabayashi, Nasushiobara, Tochigi



deco:den den
Christmas tree live making:yagiya FLOWERS shop
santa girls:BEASTY-2IN
photographer:YMD, mojao
rebuild#9 Facebook page

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RADIO SAKAMOTO plays antennasia’s new tracks

7月 08th, 2013 | Category: news

antennasia’s new songs are played on Ryuichi Sakamoto’s “RADIO SAKAMOTO” (J-Wave).

“Roses for Stories in Silent Pauses”
RADIO SAKAMOTO Audition Nominees#51 (10 Mar 2013)

“Echo in the Night”、”@Empty_Dumpty”
RADIO SAKAMOTO Audition Nominees#52 (07 Jul 2013)

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7 June, 2013 JICOO FRIDAY LIVE CRUISE - D-Fried Japan Tour / D-Fried×antennasia

5月 11th, 2013 | Category: news

antennasia joins D-Fried Japan tour on 7th June (Fri).
at JICOO FRIDAY LIVE CRUISE in the Tokyo bay!

7th June, 2013 (Fri)

■Charge / Reservation
※The Charge includes boat charge and entertainment charge.

■Bording time
Hinode Pier 20:00 21:00 22:00
Odaiba Seaside Pier 20:30 21:30 22:30
※23:00 is when the last cruise will arrive back to hinode pier.


D-Fried, antennasia


For further information and reservation visit;
6.7.2013 Fri - JICOO FRIDAY LIVE CRUISE - D-Fried Japan Tour

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23 Feb. 2013 red race riot! vol.28 -me importa becous que haces- @golden pigs black stage (Niigata)

1月 15th, 2013 | Category: news


2/23(sat) “red race riot! vol.28 -me importa becous que haces-”
@ golden pigs black stage(ex. junkbox mini) in Niitaga, Japan

[INFO] red race riot!—>

[GUEST LIVE] antennasia
[DJ] pal (trip), le, jacob

[Open/Start] 23:00
[Fee] 2,000yen (1Drink)

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“Hybrid Leisureland / Variable” 2012.9.19 Release!

9月 18th, 2012 | Category: news


『Hybrid Leisureland / Variable』
(Double Life Records/DLCA0004)

Hybrid Leisureland, an ambient/minimal/experimental music project by Hidetoshi Koizumi (known as the first Japanese musician to release an album with a French label, Ultimae Records) has completed another masterpiece. This piece is modern ambient genre. The album is a compendium of Haiku penned with sound in eleven segments spilling over from daily life.
From antennasia’s label, Double Life Records. san & Nerve appear on the track “Idly”.

Available now (19 Sep. 2012 Release)

【CD】 2,100yen (w/ tax) / digi-sleeve (distributed by Bridge INC.)
available on music stores in Japan

- example of shops -
amazon. co. jp ( )
Tower Records ( )
Disk Union ( )
Ame to Kyujitu ( )
HMV ( )
Bridge INC. ( )

- iTunes (distributed by MEGADOLLY) available worldwide
Album 1,650yen / 1track 150yen

- ototoy [24bit/44.1kHz WAV]
Album 2,000yen / 1track 200yen


< Tracks >
01. Bird Library (06:33)
02. Stripe Borderline (06:05)
03. Strong Capsule (07:15)
04. One Size (07:14)
05. Nonpolarity Hand (06:31)
06. Idly (04:30)
07. Three Clocks (04:58)
08. Snack Desert Moon (06:27)
09. Second Reason (07:47)
10. Grant Dance (05:28)
11. Segmentation (07:45)

The digital version includes a silent track (with no audio) between Track 10 and 11.

ーーーー Commentaries by Hybrid Leisureland ーーーー

< bird library >
Though it isn’t possible to hoard and retain the volumes of words and voices that pass by,
we must try our best to listen and memorize them.

< stripe borderline >
We may have the chance to meet untold numbers of people, possibly having the chance to interact.
Though the moment of meeting seems commonplace, it is deeply significant.

< strong capsule >
The world is overflowing with contradictions. But among those I find my truth.
There are infinite choices among them.

< one size >
I would hope you remember that there is an essence in you that nobody can imitate.
That is your inner nature and your own unique vulnerability.

< nonpolarity hand >
You may take the hand of untold hundreds.
The warmth of that hand can convey effortlessly, without words.

< idly >
A languid sunny Saturday afternoon.
I put a lid on time, without thinking of intentions to do this or that.

< three clocks >
The time gone by, the time to come, now.
There is no time to be lost between the experiences of the past and the hopes of the future.

< snack desert moon >
On an evening in the desert, illuminated by the moon, a sheep has a dream.
It moves faster than light to the end of water’s flow.

< second reason >
Everyone knows what the most important thing is.
Nobody knows what a second most important thing is.

< grant dance >
Without following anything, without saying anything,
the world spins on as if it were most natural to do so.

< segmentation >
Dividing, composing, over and over.
Without even knowing my own inner core, my core exists.
This is neither pain nor joy.


Produced by Hybrid Leisureland
Mastering : Toshiyuki Yasuda (MEGADOLLY)
Artwork : Ayako Kobayashi
Double Life Records

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“antennasia-Re:Qus-cus” Review on Peter Zoon | Weblog

7月 23rd, 2012 | Category: news

Perter Zoon, a cultural writer in the Netherlands wrote a review about antennasia’s new remix EP “Re:Qus-cus”.

Review: antennasia - Re: Qus-cus [EN]

Review: antennasia - Re: Qus-cus [NL]—re-qus-cus.htm

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