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“Re:Qus-cus” remix EP - Available now!

6月 30th, 2012 | Category: news


antennasia / Re:Qus-cus
(DLDE-0003 / Double Life Records)

The EP includes 4 remixes of antennasia songs from their latest album “Qus-cus”. All the tracks have been re-built and painted colorfully with daring and delicate touches by each remixers; Toshiyuki Yasuda (MEGADOLLY), Embee (Looptroop Rockers / Sweden), D-Fried (One of Jordi Saludes’s projects / Spain) and a Tokyo based beat maker, Plastic Echo (opuesto).

1. Passion Show (Toshiyuki Yasuda Remix) 5:56

2. Metronome Wiper (Embee Remix) 4:50

3. Gynoid (D-Fried Remix) 5:05

4. noanoa (Plastic Echo Remix) 5:33

Release date : 25 July, 2012
- iTunes (dist. MEGADOLLY)
Price : 450JPY(album)、150JPY(1song) - File format AAC
*Please check iTunes of your region.
- Bandcamp
Price : 600JPY(album)、200JPY(1song)- HQD (24bit/44.1kHz WAV)
Price : 600JPY(album)、200JPY(1song)- HQD (24bit/44.1kHz WAV)

℗ 2012 Double Life Records
all songs by san & Nerve
Mastered by Toshiyuki Yasuda
Design by antennasia & Osamu Otomo
“Qus-cus” logo design by Shotaro Watanabe (

Special preview-mix on SoundCloud


[ The album includes original versions ]
“Qus-cus” (MORI RECORDS)
more info about “Qus-cus”

ーーーーーーーーーーーーーー < REMIXERS > ーーーーーーーーーーーーーー


Japanese electronic artist, composer, arranger and producer based on Tokyo. Sings Brazilian music as a robot “ROBO*BRAZILEIRA”. Representative of MEGADOLLY label. Born in 1973. From Takarazuka, Hyogo, Japan. Graduated in civil engineering from Ritsumeikan University. Begun Fantastic Plastic Machine in 1994 while at college. After dealing with many projects including Pizzicato Five, Towa Tei (ex Deee Lite), Combustible Edison and the debut self-titled album for Fantastic Plastic Machine in 1997, left the unit.
As an artist, constantly creates solo works, provides for various compilations and collaboratively produces / performs with other artists like Towa Tei, Señor Coconut (Atom Heart), Clare and The Reasons, Fernanda Takai (Pato Fu), Jazztronik. Also as a producer, composes for advertisements, Hiroyuki Nakano’s films, Kishin Shinoyama’s photo movies, Moichi Kuwahara’s comedies and performances (Ishinha, Manabu Masuda).
In oder to be a new “social hub in music”, releases omnivorously on directly-signed iTunes Stores worldwide and presides “We “hub” music!” which calls up genre-less musicians at borderless venues.
Performed at “Les Siestes Electroniques” in Toulouse, France (with Chicks on speed, Opiate, Schneider TM), “sonarsound tokyo”, Apple Stores and etc. Lectures at Musashino Academia Musicae.

Main albums; “ROBO*BRAZILEIRA”, “ELECTRO_BITS_INDEED”, “WITH ROBO*BRAZILEIRA”, ““Children’s Songs 2050” (solo albums); produced compilation “-MONOPHONIC-ENSEMBLE-“, collaboration album “AUTUMN SESSION…” and soundtracks “GIRLS”, “STRANGERS”.


[ Embee ]
Producer, musician, songwriter and DJ. Born and raised in Västerås, Sweden. Based in Gothenburg since 1997.
In 1991 Embee founded Looptroop (now Looptroop Rockers) together with Promoe and has been responsible for all production, music and mixing in the band ever since. Since 1998 Embee is running the record label David vs Goliath together with the other members of Looptroop Rockers.
A large number of records have been created In his studio The Wax Cabinet through the years. From the first noisy cassettes in Looptroop’s early days to the Swedish Grammy Award-winning debut album Tellings from Solitaria.
The studio is now located at Svenska Grammofonstudion, together with the likes of Soundtrack of Our Lives, Kleerup, José González, Universal Poplab among others.
Two years in a row Embee has been awarded “Best Producer” at the Swedish Hiphop Awards. He also won the Swedish DeeJay Awards 2004 and 2006.
The tour schedule for Looptroop has been infinite since 1998. They have played around 1000 shows throughout Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, Thailand, Australia, Russia and South Africa.
Embee have also done many shows as a solo artist and DJ. He has toured Scandinavia, China, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Australia & USA.
Embee’s influences are many, vast and varied. Music-wise you’ll find them in Soul, Jazz & Hiphop but also in electronic music, Pop and Folk . He is also a dedicated jogger and it might not have been a coincidence that he was the man behind the underground-classic Long Distance Runner by Promoe back in 2004.
Some of the tracks he did for Promoe are Songs of Joy (feat. Capleton), In the Morning (feat. Daville) and Euro Trash (feat. Leeroy of Saïan Supa Crew).
Embee has produced, collaborated and written songs for a long list of artists: José González, The Soundtrack of our Lives, Annika Norlin, Lisa Ekdahl, Dilated Peoples, Capleton, Maia Hirasawa, Adam Tensta, Daniel Lemma & Timbuktu to name a few.

Latest album releases ; Looptroop Rockers “Professional Dreamers” (2011), Per Vers “EGO” (2011), “Skuggpoeten-Skuggpoeten” (2010), Embee “The Mellow Turning Moment” (2010)


Jordi Saludes, producer, musician & dj from Barcelona, has published various albums, eps and a long list of 12″ in european labels with projects like Slow Bullets, Allied Force or Isla Zebra. In 2003 he moves to London and began experimenting, under his D-FRIED new moniker. His early tracks set up the basis of his style, mixing electronic textures and urban ambiental sounds with intrincate rhythms, building with ordinary noises and subtile digital melodies, soundtracks for a city travellers … After his album “Clouds Leave No Trace” on Phonocake reaches few top best netlabel album in 2009, he apeared in some compillations in Europe and Japan in labels like Mille Plateaux/Force Intel, Lemongrass Music, Mizukage Recs, Phonocake, Discontinu, Emilii, Disboot, etc…With some releases in the pipeline, D-Fried is allways involved with other artists and working on side fields making music for comercials, documentaries, films, contemporary dance, audiovisual installations and websites.


A beat maker based in Tokyo. Started playing as a DJ in 2004 and now is a regular DJ of a dope-beats event “submeditate.”. His style is influenced by Radio Head or Jay Dee and he sublimes the influences into his own abstract styled works or DJing.
In 2008, released a mix CD “karuna” from an underground label “opuesto” and provided a remix to “Botanica All Stars Greatest Hits 2″, part 2 of the best compilation series of “Botanica del jibaro”, a label established by Prefuse73 and La Mano Fria.
Currently, Plastic Echo plays live mainly with MPC2000XL and is working on remixes, and long-awaited his first album.

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antennasia Live “photos & audio” Narukyo pH:4.0 (19 May, 2012)

6月 10th, 2012 | Category: news

antennasia Live at Narukyo pH:4.0 (19 May 2012)

songs: noanoa, You Draw, I Swim, The Laser Pointer
by san & Nerve
© 2010 & 2012 antennasia

Recorded by Radio Freedom
Photos by Takka, except ones at 7′53″ & 9′20″ by Hirotaka Kato
Image photos taken from narukyo Facebook page.
san’s pink dress by Yumi Sakurai, the head dress by san

The movie edited by san

Special thanks to Ryoondo, Radio Freedom & everyone who supports Narukyo and antennasia.


Radio Freedom

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Zangetsu on 15th July, 2012 (sun)

5月 23rd, 2012 | Category: news


antennasia plays at the event “Zangetsu”. The first antennasia live in Gifu pref!

15th July (sun) 18:00-24:00
Charge : 1,500yen (with 1 drink)
Venue : travessia
3-6-1 Honmachi, Gifu pref., Japan

【DJ】 NUE、INOMATA、donu、ko‐saburo、Y1490
【Live】 antennasia、SAKON
【Live Paint】 Kouta

【time table】
18:00 Y1490
18:45 ko‐saburo
19:45 donu
21:45 NUE
22:45 antennasia
23:30 SAKON

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Narukyo pH:4.0

5月 08th, 2012 | Category: news

We had some real great time. Thanks!

Narukyo pH:4.0


Day&Time :
May 19th (Saturday) 2012 at 13pm program start 17pm Open/start
May 20th (Sunday) 2012 at 11am Open 12 pm start
*antennasia will play live on 19th evening.

Location :
Narugo Onsen, Miyagi Prefecture
19th : Live Music, Art Displays and Onsen at Ubanoyu ryokan
20th : Live Music and Sansai tempra Live at 12pm – 2pm (at Shitomae no seki) )
Admission :
Ticket with Lodging:

*tickets are sold at individual Ryokans. Prices and Board plans vary at each Ryokan.
Ryokans and Price List (Japanese)

Ticket Only :
Two Days Pass ¥4,000
Please purchase from the Booking Form of Ticket Page (Japanese).
*Payment is accepted onsite after the booking

【ARTISTS】 Shigeya Mori (contemporary dance), mito, Toshiyuki Yasuda, Marin, PsysEx, Firo, Ironomi, Coupie, polar M, antennasia

【Kokeshi sessions】 Seiichi Okazaki, Akihiro Sakurai

【PA、MC】 Masato Takahashi (Radio Freedom)、Shigetomo Hashimoto

【VJ、video installation、space installation】 Tokyo Shokudo、majio、Yuri Miyamoto

for further information visit ;
Narukyo pH:4.0

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The Girl from Ipanema - Antônio Carlos Jobim tribute -

3月 26th, 2012 | Category: news


「The Girl from Ipanema - Antônio Carlos Jobim tribute -」
[ELSP-0012 / electric sheep]

April 11, 2012 on sale
CD 2,100 yen (w/ tax)

・antennasia covers “One Note Samba (Samba de Uma Nota Só) ” in the album.

1. A Felicidade(feat. Cokiyu) / Bajune Tobeta
2. Berimbau (feat. Yayoi Koizumi) / Graphitec Morphing
3. One Note Samba (Samba de Uma Nota Só) / antennasia
4. Agua de Beber (feat. Yayoi Koizumi) / Fugenn & The White Elephants + Shintaro Aoki
5. Desafinado / Ngatari
6. Samba do Avio / Jun Nishimura + lycoriscoris
7. How Insensitive / yuanyuan
8. Wave / lycoriscoris
9. The Girl From Ipanema / rimacona
10. Só Danço Samba / Sokif
11. Meditation (feat. Cokiyu) / Bajune Tobeta

Pre-oreder at
croix mode

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ARTIST ACTION Arise - Trailer

3月 07th, 2012 | Category: news

Trailer production: Tetsuya Goko (The Movie Craftsman JERONIMO)

General information :

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2月 12th, 2012 | Category: news


Artists from three cities will get together to bring music to you. “ARTIST ACTION Arise” is brought to you by dip in the pool and by various musicians who came together to create the charity album “Artist Action” after the Great East Japan Earthquake, and by other musicians who share our goals.
Performances will be held in three cities: Sendai, Kyoto and Tokyo.

□ A portion of proceeds from the sale of the tickets will be donated to the Ashinaga Scholarship Society and other support groups.


24 March 2012 (Sat) - ARTIST ACTION Arise in SENDAI
Supported by MACANA


Open : 18:00 / Start : 18:30
Place : MACANA
B1F Daiichi-Nomura Bldg., 2-5-1 Ichiban-cho, Aoba-Ward, Sendai-City, Miyagi

Charge : adv. 3,000 yen (+ 1 drink) / door 3,500 yen (+ 1 drink)

Live acts :
dip in the pool
Masato Ustunomiya (synth) +Masami Aida (erhu)

Advance tickets available now at:
□ Lawson Ticket (L-24945)
□ Ticket PIA (161-490)

□ For further information / MACANA TEL.022-262-5454

Co-sponsored by Kawai Ongaku Kyoushitsu


31 March 2012 (Sat) - ARTIST ACTION Arise in KYOTO


Open : 18:00 / Start : 19:00
Place : Blue Eyes
B1 Kyoto Waso bldg., 93 Goboomiya-cho, Bukkoji-sagaru, Omiya-dori, Shimogyo Ward,  Kyoto-City, Kyoto
[5 minutes walk from the Exit 2B of Hankyu Kyoto Line Omiya station.  Go south on Omiya-dori, and it’s on the right before the second traffic lights.]

Charge : adv. 3,000 yen (+ 1 drink) / door 3,500 yen (+ 1 drink)

Live acts :
dip in the pool
Takashi Mori
Hidekazu Wakabayashi

★Advance tickets available at mihoproject.
Book by phone→TEL.075-417-4870
Book online→

★Advance tickets and more information also available at the venue, Blue Eyes.
Book by phone→TEL.075-366-3698
Book online→

□ For further information / mihoproject

* There is no parking lot for bicycles and bikes.
* Please use toll parking lots nearby if you come by a car.


6 April 2012 (Fri) - ARTIST ACTION Arise in TOKYO


Open : 19:00 / Start : 20:00
Place : SARAVAH Tokyo
B1 Shibuya CROSSROAD bldg., 1-29-1 Shoto, Shibuya-Ward, Tokyo
[10 minutes walk from JR Shibuya station / 5 minutes walk from Keio Inokashira-line Shinsen Station]
Book online→
Charge : adv. 3,500 yen (1 drink) / door 4,000 yen (1 drink)

Live acts :
dip in the pool
Bajune Tobeta
Toshiyuki Yasuda

Advance tickets available at SARAVAH Tokyo.
Book online→
Book by phone→ TEL.03-6427-8886

□ For further information / SARAVAH Tokyo




dip_kouda.jpg dip_kimura.jpg dip in the pool
dip in the pool
Miyako Koda WEB SITE
Tatsuji Kimura WEB SITE



antennasia.jpg antennasia

ustunomiya.jpg Masato Ustunomiya (synth) +Masami Aida (niko)



takashimori.jpg Takashi Mori

wakabayashi.jpg Hidekazu Wakabayashi



tobetabajun.jpg Bajune Tobeta

yasuda.jpg Toshiyuki Yasuda


Personal Statement of the General Producer of ARTIST ACTION Arise (the AAA Project)

Contributing to the charity album “Artist Action” after the Great East Japan Earthquake provided me the opportunity to connect with many brilliant musicians. Originally, I had planned a dip in the pool concert, but meeting with other artists encouraged me to plan a more collaborative event. That is why I started the AAA Project. We soon found supporters from across Japan who agreed with our desire to revitalize people’s spirits through musical events and all the related social acts of creation involved in organizing such events, including reconnecting individuals through social activity. We proceeded with such hopes. Men and women are endowed with the important faculty of imagination, and what we imagine (or do not imagine) makes us who we are. Without our imaginations, we will not be able to meet our spiritual needs let alone our physical needs. What all of us need now is not to simply recreate the past but imagine and create a radically new future. I hope that this project will stimulate, even if only a little, all of our imaginations that are still too often oppressed, repressed or suppressed. This plea is for both those living in the immediate disaster area and those further afield.

11 January 2012, dip in the pool Tatsuji Kimura



After the Great East Japan Earthquake, various artists got together to search for an appropriate response. We compiled the charity album “Artist Action,” which is currently available on iTunes. Proceeds from the sale of this album have been/will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society. We hope that our ongoing activities will encourage many people to become involved and that the circle of support we have begun will widen in the future.

[Artist Action - The Great East Japan Earthquake Charity Album] Various Artists


General information :
AAA Project Bureau



□ Sendai performance
Production: Nerve (antennasia)
Planning, production & public relations: Takahiro Kamata (Kamata Takahiro Office)

□ Kyoto performance
Production: Takashi Mori
Planning support:
Miho Takechi (mihoproject)

□ Tokyo performance
Production: Chihiro Tanikawa & Tatsuji Kimura (dip in the pool)

□ AAA title design: Kotaro Chiba
□ Design: Mari Kimura (bmpd)
□ Trailer production: Tetsuya Goko (The Movie Craftsman JERONIMO)
□ Project manager: Jun Koyama

□ General direction: AAA Project Bureau
□ General production: Tatsuji Kimura (dip in the pool)

□ English translation: Kaori Umezu & John L. Bernhart

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-Ryuichi Sakamoto Tribute- Jan 17, 2012 Release

12月 03rd, 2011 | Category: news


Ryuichi Sakamoto Tribute
[electric sheep]

Release date : 17 Jan 2012
CD : 2,800 yen (CD)
Digital : 1,800 yen on iTunes Music Store (”Dennogiwa feat. Taeko Onuki / Bajune Tobeta” only included to CD)

antennasia plays “Saru to Yuki to Gomi no Kodomo” in the album.

- Tracklisting -
01. Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence / Bajune Tobeta
02. War and Peace / yuanyuan
03. Riot in Lagos /Atom™
04. Perticepation Mistique / Yoshihiro Hanno
05. Bibo no Aozora / Ngatari
06. Self Portrait / Fugenn& The White Elephants and Shintaro Aoki
07. Ballet Mecanique / MimiCof
08. 1919 / Sabi
09. “Saru to Yuki to Gomi no Kodomo / antennasia
10. Thatness and Thereness / DJ Yogurt
11. Tibetan Dance / no.9
12. The Last Emperor / Sabi
13. The Other Side Of Love (feat. Cokiyu) / Bajune Tobeta
14. Dennogiwa (feat. Taeko Onuki) / Bajune Tobeta (included only to CD)

Available at
croix mode

iTunes Music Store

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antennasia songs available on DIY FUKUSHIMA!

11月 09th, 2011 | Category: news

antennasia songs available at DIY FUKUSHIMA!
1. Female River (On Your Radio version) 2. Passion Show 3. Stareater
(from the “Qus-cus” album)

FILE TYPE : MP3(3songs TOTAL 18:34)、PDF(Lyric)、JPG(Jacket)
PRICE : You can choose to make a donation
larger than 300 yen for this item (nagesen style),
but please understand that you will receive the same item
regardless of the donation amount.

【Project FUKUSHIMA! Call for Donations】
In order to raise money for Project FUKUSHIMA! we have set up the DIY FUKUSHIMA! project. “DIY FUKUSHIMA!” is a venue for musicians, poets and other artists who are sympathetic to this cause and want share their visions with a larger audience. All of the profits generated from sale of the digital content will be used to cover running costs for Project FUKUSHIMA! which will be free and open to the public.

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DJ3000 & Diametric “Equatorial Soil (antennasia dub Remix)” out now!

9月 20th, 2011 | Category: news


DJ3000 & Diametric “Equatorial Soil (antennasia dub Remix)” available now.

“It’s usually a complex and soulful experience when DJ 3000 and Diametric team up for a release. Building upon the overwhelming response to their previous releases such as “Safe House” and “Migration” the duo bring more introspection to “Equatorial Soil.” Enter Antennasia, a powerhouse duo from Japan, to remix not only the production of DJ 3000, but intersperse the deep and tonal vocal from Diametric. Adding their own flare, Antennasia builds and chops and distorts “Equatorial Soil” into something even more riveting than the original production….”


The original version is included to Franki Juncaj’s album “INVISIBLE MOODS” (Motech).
Check the album as well.

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