GloNet @ TRUNK (Sendai)



2010, May 13th (Thurs) 17:30 - 23:30 *Japan Time
(5F Oroshimachi-kaikan, 2-15-2 Oroshimachi, Wakabayashi Ward, Sendai)

Admission : Free
Capacity : 100 people
Hosted by :
Sendai Creavite Consortium (,
Sendai City Industrial Promotion Organization,
Sendai Oroshisho Centre,
FesLab (

Reservations :
please give your name and contact details to:
The Secretary of Sendai Creative CLuster Consortium
Phone : 022-214-8263
E-mail :

Performances include:
DJ Masahiro (DIZCO / WARSAW)
Masashige Motoe (Tohoku University)
Koichiro Kimura (Art Craft International)
WOW Design Studios
*Please check the time table below

Sendai has been selected to represent Japan on the global stage at a brand-new and cutting edge event attached to Manchester England’s world-famous Media Art Festival, FutureEverything : GloNet (

GloNet is a Globally Networked Event that takes place simultaneously at 5 different cities spanning 5 continents Manchester (England), Sendai (Japan), Istanbul (Turkey), Sao Paolo (Brazil), Vancouver (Canada), using experimental formats to bring real and virtual audience together around a central theme through talks, performances art installations and networked social spaces.

GloNet Sendai is taking place at TRUNK|CREATIVE OFFICE SHARING featuring some of the city’s best artistic and intellectual talent perform for and connect live over an internet broadcast system with creators based in Manchester and Istanbul.

This is an English event ; translation will not be provided.

Time table
17:30-18:30 DJ Masahiro(DIZCO/WARSAW)
18:30-18:40 antennasia
18:40-19:05 Quickfire Talks (WOW, Koichiro Kimura)
19:05-19:55 Head to Head (Masashige Motoe)
19:55-20:15 Talking Boxes & Lounge Time.
20:15:21-30 Istanbul Live
21-30-21-45 antennasia
21:45-22:45 DJ Mu-R(GAGLE)
22:45-23:30 DJ Masahiro(DIZCO/WARSAW)

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