antennasia “Qus-cus” release party @ Pangaea


Date : 14th Nov. 2010 (sun)
Time : 18:30 open / 19:00 start
Charge:adv. 2,000yen (except charge for drink) / door 2,500yen (except charge for drink)
Place : Pangaea

Live : antennasia, Maia Hirasawa, Yayoi Koizumi, dadadubi

□ antennasia
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□ Maia Hirasawa
Maia Hirasawa was born in 1980 outside Stockholm, Sweden where she grew up with her swedish mother and her japanese father, along with the rest of her big family. After playing music for a while, she started writing her own songs around the age of 21, but her break came when she became a part of swedish act Hello Saferide. This ment alot for Maia, and eventually she released her own debut “Though, I’m just me…”.
That marked the beginning of a very intense time for Maia Hirasawa. The album went gold in Sweden and stayed at #1 on iTunes for two weeks, which lead to some serious touring. She visited Japan four times and in January 2008 she was awarded the prize for “Best Newcomer” at the P3 Guld National Radio Awards.

“Writing a song is so much about finding a feeling you have and then exaggerating it to the max. Like when you are adding to a story. Most songs are about myself, but they’re very exaggerated”, Maia says.

Maia Hirasawa has released two albums, “Though I am just me…” (2007) and “GBGVSSTHLM” (2009), both of which she wrote and produced by herself. She has been touring the globe and everywhere she comes to play she leaves her fans screaming and her first-timers speechless. &

□ Yayoi Koizumi &

□ dadadubi
dadadubi + yukki (from Coupie)

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□ ensemble of rests
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