Narukyo pH5.0


Nov. 30th (Sat) 2013 at 15pm program start 18pm Open/start(chill out lounge)
Dec 1st (Sun) 2013

Location : Narugo Onsen, Miyagi Prefecture
30th : Live Music, Art Displays and Onsen at Ubanoyu ryokan
Admission : Ticket with Lodging:
*tickets are sold at individual Ryokans. Prices and Board plans vary at each Ryokan.
Ryokans and Price List (Japanese).

Ticket Only :
Two Days Pass ¥4,000
Please purchase from the Booking Form of Ticket Page (Japanese).
*Payment is accepted onsite after the booking

[LIVE] jai machine, antennasia, PsysEx, Firo, Ironomi
[Kokeshi session] Seiichi Okazaki, Akihiro Sakurai
[Sound/MC] Takahashi Masato, Nariaki Hashimoto
[VJ/Visual installations/Space installations] Tokyo Shokudo, Majio, Yuri Miyamoto

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