Founded in 1999 by vocalist “san” and trackmaker “nerve”. Blending elements/influences from such inspirations as the Bristol sound, electronica, dub, jazz, trad etc. from their early days.
After songs from the CD-R albums made no.1 in internet music charts in Japan, antennasia released their formal 1st album “Phased” from their label Double Life Records in 2002. Their sophisticated dub/club oriented sound caught interest of promoters in Europe where they toured in Belgium and Holland.

2nd album “Cinemice” characterized by the mixture of deep dub sounds and indistinct elements of jazz was released in 2005. On the following tour, antennasia supported Lemongrass from Germany, it brought them the opportunity for their songs and albums to appear on the Lemongrassmusic catalog. After “Cinemice”, antennasia delved deeper into electronica. Their new songs were played on Ryuichi Sakamoto’s radio show and drew attention of electronica/pop music listeners of Japan. Sakamoto made a comment for their 2006 album “23 Bluebird Street, Velo-City”. DJ3000, Embee, D-Fried, Team Doyobi, Rob Smith etc. provided remixes for “Velo-city Remixed” album which was released in Europe and Japan.

In 2010, antennasia released “Qus-cus”, a calm and introspective album constructed by a collage/cut-up method. Following “Re : Qus-cus” included remixes by D-Fried, Toshiyuki Yasuda etc.

The next album “Howling” (2013), which is recognized as one of their highest masterpieces, showed a harsh and heavy side of antennasia still sprinkled with delicate feelings and sadness. The album was influenced by the tragedies of the 2011 Tohoku earthquakes, tsunami and subsequent nuclear disaster in the Sendai region, where they are based.

Through “Dragonfly EP” and “Dragonfly Remixes” 2013 from Mezé in Detroit, antennasia completed their new album in 2017. The vocalist, san takes the initiative this time composing, programming and producing most of the songs in the album. The most adventurous antennasia album “Alter-Egoist” is available in 2017.

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