Roland Voss aka Lemongrass lives and produces his music in the countryside in the North of Germany. From the first releases in the late 90´s on the labels Incoming! and Mole Listening Pearls he has gone a long way of musical expressions - from Drum´n´Bass to Lounge, Jazz,Trip-Hop and Ambient - and has meanwhile released more than 10 Lemongrass albums.
Roland is accompanied by several musicians and vocalists, such as
- Skadi (Kiel, Germany) - appearing on the albums “Skydiver”, “Fleur Solaire”and “Pour l´amour”
- Mayu Kawata (Tokyo, Japan) - appearing on “Ikebana” and “Pour l´amour”
- Sonia Manalili (NYC, USA) -appearing on “Pour l´amour”
- and others
Further musicians are:
-Daniel Voss (keyboards)
-Michael Arlt (guitars)

In 2005 Roland and his younger brother Daniel have founded the label “Lemongrassmusic” and built up a new platform for Lemongrass as well as for some very nice and talented artists from all over the globe.


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