Christoffer Berg (aka Hird) was born and raised by two musicians in Gothenburg, Sweden. Growing up in a musical environment made it possible for C to play around with music from the early days of childhood, which might explain his relaxed attitude towards creating music. Multitalented as he is – C does everything himself; drums, percussion, keyboards, guitar and vocals – he makes music production seem effortless and filled with joy. Lately the club scene in Gothenburg has been totally dominated by C and his childhood friends Andreas Saag and Yukimi Nagano amongst others. They set out on their quest for musical world domination years ago as Swell Session and have recently produced music – collectively and individually – to great critical acclaim.

“We were a couple of friends who enjoyed playing together. Within our small community we could bounce musical ideas and try things out in a safe environment, which helped us create our own style.”

His first own release – the very limited “Hostlovep” on Conceptional Recordings under the alias “Christoffermusik” –with its beautifully organic and mellow experimental electronic tracks, revealed what was to be expected in the future. Using the pseudonym Christoffer Brus, C continued to put out more of that fragile and intriguing stuff on the Björk collaborator Thomas “Opiate” Knak’s label, Hobby Industries.

C has also been known to contribute with excellent tracks on compilations. “Future Sound of Jazz 9″ (Compost), “Destination:Out” (ecco.chamber), Break n’ Bossa Chapter 6 (Schema) and ”Nordic Lounge 1 & 2” (DNM). These compilations helped spawn his latest alias – Hird. Now combining melodic harmonies with jazzy downtempo house, Christoffer captured the world’s attention. The instrumental housetrack “Keep You Hird” was subsequently released with lyrics and vocals by Yukimi as “Keep You Kimi” on DNM. This stunning vocal track was favoured by DJ:s like Richard Dorfmeister, Gilles Peterson, Coldcut, Michael Reinboth and Derrick May and was a contributing factor for the offers to tour Japan no less than three times in the same year it was released.


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