Drifting - Welcome Embee


Drifting feat. Embee (Looptroop Rockers, from Sweden)

Date : 10th Oct (sat), 2009
Open : 21:00
Place : DROOM http://droom.exblog.jp/
B1F Kleis Bldg., 3-4-5 Kokubun-cho, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi, JAPAN
Tel. +81 (0) 22-711-7260

Charge : adv. 2,000 yen (1Drink) / day 2,500 yen (1Drink)
*check the bottom of this page for how to reserve the ticket.

Embee with antennasia - collaboration

Embee [Looprtroop Rockers] (David vs Goliath, Bad Taste Records)
Zero Charisma (ICASEA, Skam)
DJ HiroSticK (T.G.B.F/Breath of Chain/Wa-on)
Cut-Key (Wa-on)

(notice; the time table might change.)
21:00 〜 DJ HiroStick (DJ)
22:00 〜 Embee (DJ)
23:00 〜 antennasia (Live)
23:30 〜 Embee with antennasia (Live)
0:30 〜 Zero Charisma (DJ)
1:15 〜 DJ Cut-key (DJ)




Producer, musician, songwriter and DJ, based in Gothenburg, Sweden.
In 1991 Embee founded Looptroop together with Promoe and has been responsible for all production, music and mixing in the band ever since.
Since 1998 Embee is running the record label David vs Goliath together with the other members of Looptroop and a large number of records have been created In his studio, The Wax Cabinet.
For two years in a row Embee has been awarded “Best Producer” at the Swedish Hiphop Awards. He also won the Swedish DeeJay Awards 2004 and 2006.
The debut solo album “Tellings from Solitaria” is a very versatile and widely appealing album that touches many fields on the musical map.
The tour schedule for Looptroop has been infinite since 1998. They have touched down in nearly all European countries, USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, Russia and South Africa. The response has been overwhelming all over the world.
Embee has also done many shows as a solo artist and DJ. In 2006 he did a tour in China together with Vanessa Liftig, Timbuktu and a seven-man band. A long-lasting tour of Tokyo nightclubs was carried out over a five month period, when Embee did appearances as a DJ at a dozen of well-known venues throughout the city. The Japan-stay made a strong mark in the career with lots of new connections. The period in Tokyo has already resulted in work for Japanese acts and labels like antennasia, DJ Nomak, Plaza & P-Vine.
Embee’s influences are many, vast and varied. Music-wise you’ll find them in Soul, Jazz & Hiphop but also in pop, rock and electronic dance music. He has produced, remixed and written songs on a freelance-basis for a long list of artists and is constantly looking for new challenges besides Looptroop and the solo-career.
In April 2008 Looptroop Rockers released their fourth full-length album entitled “Good Things” (Bad Taste Records). The album marks a new era for Looptroop musically with lots of new expressions and a singing producer and has been critically acclaimed worldwide.

Embee www.myspace.com/waxcabinet
Looptroop Rockers www.looptrooprockers.com




antennasia was founded by nerve (prog) and san (vo) in 1999 in Tokyo. Two songs from their early albums marked no.1 in Japans internet charts and steadily spreading overseas in forums and webzines. antennasia released the 3rd album “Phased” in 2002. This album brought them chances to be air-played in EU and a tour in Belgium and Holland in 2003 as well as 2004, where antennasia appeared on festivals. As a consequence, antennasia won many hearts and, back home, received features in numerous paper magazines. Meanwhile their 4th album “Cinemice” was released in 2005. This year, antennasia supported the Lemongrass & Weathertunes live in Yokohama, it brought them the opportunity that their songs appear on Lemongrassmusic’s catalogues. Also Ryuichi Sakamoto picked up their new songs for his Radio Sakamoto. Being nominated and played on the program many times up to the present. antennasia’s most successful album so far “23 Bluebird Street, Velo-City” was released in 2006. Throughout 2007 and 2008, world famous producers/DJ’s like DJ3000, Embee, Rob Smith, Team Doyobi etc. have remixed antennasia’s songs and their first remix album “Velo-City : remixed” was released in 2009 from Lemongrassmusic.
antennasia is working on their next album and also collaborations with many musicians all over the world.



Zero Charisma


Electronic music, computer and video artist working as one half of Team Doyobi and another half of Mortal & Chemist. Co-founder of ICASEA (JP/UK) with Skeksi and COLLAPSOFT.
Has worked in some way in the past for the following labels; Skam (UK), Fat-cat (UK), Warp (UK), 12k (USA), Line (USA), Alku (ES), Spezialmaterial (CH), Hobby Industries, Tigerbeat 6 (USA), Violent Turd (NZ), Sofa (UK), Active Suspension (FR), Romz (JP), Alienation (JP).

Zero Charisma www.myspace.com/z3r0ch4r15m4
Team Doyobi www.myspace.com/teamdoyobi
ICASEA www.myspace.com/icasea




A hiphop group, based in Sendai (JAPAN) since their formation with MC KENYA & DJ HiroSticK in 2003.
They chose “hiphop” to send out their messages and rescue people’s soul.
Their music features bitter and straightforward lyrics that warn and prosecute the problems, contradictions or too much information in the society. RED ABI (MC) and DJ BASE(Scratch) joined the group in 2008 and doing live in more variety of style.

THE GRAND BEAT FOUNDATION www.myspace.com/thegrandbeatfoundation


*Ticket reservation;
please send email to the mail address below with your name, address, phone number, the event name & date (”Drifting -Welcome Embee” on 10th Oct. 2009) and the quantity of ticket you want.

The reservation can be accepted till 24:00 of 9th Oct, 2009 (Japan time).

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